Small Group Personal Training

A small group consists of 3 clients working out together. For this program to work smoothly all participants must be close to the same fitness level.

My experience has been that for 3 close friends or 3 people that work together ans are on the same time schedule this works very well. I have found that friends or coworkers tend to work harder and compete against each other. This also sets up a higher probability of getting in shape. If you start working out with a friend you don’t want them to get in shape leaving you behind. This program also costs less per person than the Two-On-One program.

To have enough time for each person to get in all of the exercises, the pace of the workout in a small group is very fast. This program consists of 1 hour sessions.

In many ways this is the hardest program physically. With less rest between sets, this can be a very exhausting workout. I will combine strength training, circuit training, plyometrics together to make a workout that is sure to get you in top shape. You will also be given help with nutrition and cardiovascular training.