Fitness Assessment

When you become a client of mine, I will do a complete Fitness Assessment on you. It is part of what you get when you decide to change your life and atart a fitness program with me. A complete Fitness Assessment consists of 4 parts:

  1. Accurate Body Weight – This is optional for those who have an aversion to the scale.
  2. Body Fat Analysis – I use a 9 site method.
  3. Body Measurements – An accurate measurement of certain areas of the body are helpful in determining results of your plan.
  4. Fitness Evaluation – You will be asked to perform certain basic exercises so I can get a baseline fitness level.

The Fitness Assessment is very helpful to me to help guide your program’s direction, but it is no way mandatory. If you have an aversion to any or all assessment, it can be skipped.

With the results of a complete Fitness Assessment I can put together a fitness plan that will help any client who comes to me reach their goals.

We will sit down together with you results and I will explain to you what each result means. For currently signed on clients of mine, there is no charge for the assessment. For former clients of mine who are not currently training with me, the charge is $75.00. If you have never been a client but want an assessment, the charge is $100.00. If you sign up with me within 2 months of the assessment date, the entire cost will be applied to you program cost.